Shadi Salame

Segment Director

An ardent cinematographer, Shadi Salame prides himself for finding his way at a young age. Born in 1999 in Nabatieh, he matured into a dedicated artist. From the start, he commenced his journey with cinematography as an Audiovisual Arts student at NDU, from where he sprang and cultivated his ingenious background. Creative, patient, and tolerant; are only the few traits of Shadi that allowed him to meet the standards of Fine Line Production. As a second cinematographer, he is responsible for production and post-production services, as his position requires composure, endurance, and most importantly inventiveness. To him, he regards his job as one of vital relevance, as he says that all aspects from lighting, to colours, to camera movement … etc. Are all combined together to forge an image that would reflect the director’s vision. It is worth noting that Shadi evolved artistically with the help of his proficient and talented family, as they attempted with success to motivate and evolve his potential capabilities from a very young age, which allowed him to be 22 with the expertise of an accomplished artist. His adherence to his career contrived him into becoming a multitask, although he was a student, he went on sets every chance he got, and escorted innovative artists that inspired him even more. As a freelance cinematographer from a young age, Shadi is now a gifted artist that can assist you with extremities at Fine Line Production.