Said Halawi

General Manager | Producer

Born in Beirut, 1988, Said Halawi managed to develop exquisite marketing skills in the field of production. His master’s degree from MUBS makes him eligible for the position of General Manager at Fine Line Production; as he started his early education at LAU, then proceeded to graduate in marketing and advertising. His university degree is not the sole asset that credits him with his refined position, but chiefly his rich experience in his field. With full potential, Said pursued his career after graduating as a Business Development Manager at ISIC. However, that alone did not fulfill his desires, he aspired for more. Thusly, he shifted to a new vacancy at Tajhiz; and after only a few months of his services he was introduced to Yousif Salame, who is now a co-founder at Fine Line Production. A new project arose between them, as they launched a web TV under the title of Liban Eco, where they started interviewing directors, producers, and film crews in the Lebanese cinema. From thereon, Said found his voice; and he advanced from it to develop his own career. To him, being a co-founder at FLP and working in the field of production is challenging as well as appealingly exciting, in his own opinion; every project has its own exposure and style, there is never routine in this line of work. Success is not the only basis that Said has been able to establish at FLP, but he in addition excelled under pressure while still maintaining excellent skills. His wit and sense of humor puts every member in FLP at ease, work with him is diverting and rewarding, even when his duty requires him to overlook the entire operations at the company, he yet cultivates a great spirit around work.