Mohammad Al Tannir

Production Assistant

Born in Beirut, 1987, Mohammad Al Tannir is a successfully experienced technician in his line of work. Having had prior extensive knowledge and experience in the field of electronics, Mohammad values his profession and attempts to correlate it to the world of Production. With his Electronics degree from Arab Vocational School, he persisted in achieving exceptional involvement in his profession. Unexpectedly exposed to the world of Audiovisual Arts, he immediately found himself absorbed by its beauty and air, as he thrived to become part of it; hence becoming a team member at Fine Line Production. His position at FLP as a technician and a Camera Department Supervisor and troubleshooting rising issues as well as remaining on the spot for professional help is a valuable asset for the entire team. His considerable six-years experience at Future TV as a technician renders him an expert in his field, as he also contributed to many other jobs and internships, especially his internship at EKT Electronics that is worth mentioning. To him, being part of FLP and this field especially made him look at music videos, TVCs, movies… etc. in a different and more critical perspective, as he regards his experience in the company as a chance for him to expand his horizons into the world of Visual Arts.