Hasan Salame

Cinematographer | Head of Camera Department

Born in Lebanon, 1986, Hasan Salame’s ardor and enthusiasm towards cinematography rendered him into a specialist in his field. With a Communication Arts degree from LAU, Hasan was able to expand the horizons of his work beyond what he studied. His fervor to learn more and dive into the world of Cinematography bequeathed him with many opportunities that he thrived for and achieved. His numerous participation in workshops and internships was a great deal for him to expand his knowledge in the world of Audiovisual Arts, as he notably participated in an internship at FAMU Prague, where he got the privilege to work with the analogue 35mm film. From a very young age, Hasan filmed student projects and anticipated for a fortunate future, with his steadiness and resolution, he is capable of working prolonged hours continuously without feeling tired, and this goes back to his solution-oriented approach towards his work and in life. To Hasan, Cinematography is the tool that converts the director’s thoughts into tangibility, and without it; the audience would not be put into an emotional state that can target their own experiences. His line of work; from framing, to camera angles, camera movements, colors, contrast, light and darkness, and more; are his responsibilities and his passion. With the services that Hasan provide for customers at Fine Line Production, he is pleased by his ability of achieving various goals he had set before finding the company, during the first four years he had developed a long record of filming, developing, and supervising at FLP and being one of the founders, from then on; the path to fruitful success started and prolonged until it found its way to his considerable position at Fine Line Production.