Angela Marrouch

Animation Artist | Copywriter

An Artist, Animator, and Writer, Angela Marrouche flourished in various artistic fields. Born in Aley, 1998, Angela recalls her life as one filled with devotedness for Arts. With both her degrees in Fine Arts and English Language and Literature that she acquired with excellence from the Lebanese University, as well as her Minor degree in Audiovisual Arts, she has developed an eye for artistic criticism. Captivated and beguiled by the world of cartoons and classic Art, Angela devoted her career to the world of literary and Visual Arts since childhood. Her greatest ambition is to make an assimilation between classic literature and cartoons, as she attempts to weave a binary relation into an imaginative realm. With her extensive knowledge in the world of Animation, cartoons, and Arts in general, she contends herself as being a valuable addition to the team as an Animator. But that is not all, having written multiple books and been awarded as an exemplary and conscientious writer in the Lebanese University, Angela qualifies immensely for her copywriting position at Fine Line Production as well. To her, being a team member at FLP is a privilege in her line of work, as she regards it as an asset of amenity for her to augment her skills. Having had previous judgment and knowledge in the world of cinematography as she had former education in Audiovisual Arts, she relates Animation to Cinematography as describing both as correlated. To her; an embellished background of Audiovisual Arts is a necessity for the continuation of an Animated project, therefore; she combines both into one harmonious and cordially assorted package for a successful work. Heavily indulged in Literature and writing, she beholds the value of reading as a vital resource for better judgment and creativity. Tranquil, humorous, and resolute; are some of the assets to characterize Angela with, as her kindled personality adds integrity in her work in Fine Line Production.