Ahmad Swaidan

Business Development

With the help of his strategic methods, Fine Line Production is going regional. Ahmad Swaidan, born in 1988 in Beirut, is highly ambitious with promising arrangements. His degree in Economics allows him to be in a high position with effective productivity skills, as well as his professional internship in Franchise Business Consultancy (FBC). As his profession requires, Ahmad developed uncanny focusing skills that grants him the ability to handle FLP’s statistics and improve their consistency of work. His services at Fine Line Production from helping to plan campaigns, to seeking the right contacts in the field in order to increase the chances of future collaborations and/or introducing new clients to the company, as well as implementing strategies to help develop the business, are all responsibilities that Ahmad handles with professionalism and civility. From a very young age, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Having had an inspiring economics teacher at school opened to him many doors that he promptly greeted with excellence and high spirits. Consistency is what constitutes Ahmad’s character, apart from being focused and steady, he is as well passionate about his career and fulfills his duties with a big heart.