Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

The secret post-credits scene

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - A secret post-credits scene and trillions of variations

Article by: Yousif A. Salame

If you’ve spent much time with “Black Mirror – Bandersnatch,” you might be stuck in a loop wondering if this thing will ever actually end. I, for example, had an initial runthrough that lasted over two hours as my choices caused the story to continuously fold back on itself as the Netflix Interactive Film kept funneling me down new paths.

However, there are actual concrete endings to be discovered in this madness. And you’ll know them when you see them because you finally will stop getting options — the end credits will roll, and if you want to keep exploring you’ll have to start over from the very beginning of all of it with a completely fresh viewing.

The crazy thing about the secret post-credits scene is that it would appear that nobody has yet figured out how to trigger it — though many people have actually encountered it incidentally. I count myself among those who stumbled upon it by accident, and by tracking my choices I have figured out a sequence of choices that will reliably trigger the secret scene.

Want to know how we did it? Follow this series of choices while watching the film:

Sugar puffs >> Thompson twins >> Accept >> Accept >> Go back >> Refuse >> Yes >> No >> The Bermuda Triangle >> Shout at Dad >> Visit Dr. Haynes >> Pull Earlobe >> Take them >> Follow Colin >> Yes >> Stefan >> Go back >> Colin >> Flush them >> Hit desk >> Pick up book >> PAC >> Throw tea over computer >> P.A.C.S. >> 20541 >> Who’s there? >> Netflix >> Try to explain >> Tell him more >> Fuck yeah >> Fight her >> Kick him in the balls >> Who’s there? >> White Bear symbol >> Back off >> Kill dad >> Bury body >> Yes >> He jumped >> Chop or bury? >> Chop up body >> Destroy computer >> Pick up photo >> White Bear symbol >> Chop up body >> Destroy computer >> Get rabbit from dad >> PAX >> White Bear symbol >> Chop up body >> Destroy computer >> Get rabbit from dad >> Toy >> Yes.

Now, although this may not be the only sequence of choices that will lead you to this post-credits scene, you may still stumble upon it in one way or another.

It is worth mentioning that the film almost never happened because the creators of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, weren’t sold on the idea at first. Brooker said “No f—ing way!” and Jones thought it “felt a bit gimmicky,” they told Variety as part of an interview detailing the complex process of creating the interactive adventure. Their minds changed when they came up with the story they wanted to tell for Bandersnatch.

So, in a way, the making of Bandersnatch itself was one of those life choices that can change how things go on in the future! Is a new way of filmmaking going to emerge because of Bandersnatch? Is the film defining a new era unfolding the modern experience of internet TV? Only time can tell… but, I must admit I’m glad that Brooker and Jones went through with it.