Tibnine Wastewater Treatment Plant


About The Project

The very first project done by Fine Line Production was commissioned by Yamen Engineering and Contracting company for the launch of their waste water treatment plant. Yamen is an active member of the Lebanese Syndicate of Public Works and Building Contractors and is classified by the Lebanese governing authorities as a grade A contractor – the highest grading level – in all its activities.

This video was produced to be shown at the plant’s inauguration event to demonstrate the process of the water treatment. Since the plant was not functional during the time of filming and production, we decided to overlay 2D animations on live footage of the plant itself to be able to show it in motion before it was opened.

All pre-production, production and post-production was executed by Fine Line Production. This included research, script writing,, voice over recording, sound design, team and equipment assembly, filming, animation production, editing, and color grading.

Produced by: Fine Line Production
Directed by: Yousif Salame
Cinematography: Hasan Salame
Editing by: Yousif Salame, Hasan Salame
2D Animation: Hasan Salame, Ilat Knayzeh
Production Manager: Said Halawi
Voice Over Talent: Achraf Taleb
Sound Design: Paul Awaraji