Regie Libanaise – Water Leak

Regie Libanaise

About The Project

As part of Regie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombac’s campaign against smuggling of goods to and from Lebanon, a series of short TVCs and online spots were conceptualized by director Saad Kadiri and executed by Fine Line Production. The videos are a comedic presentation around the wordplay of smuggling, presenting daily issues such as water being smuggled out of the house by leaky pipes.

Casting, location scouting, assembly of team and equipment, filming, post-production, editing, sound design, color grading.

Produced by: Fine Line Production
Directed by: Saad Kadiri
Assistant Director: Yousif Salame
Cinematography: Hasan Salame
Production Designer: Ilat Knayzeh
Editing: Yousif Salame
Voice Over Talent: Tony Sacy
Sound Design: Paul Awaraji
Production Manager: Said Halawi