Regie Libanaise – Car

Regie Libanaise

About The Project

As part of Regie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombac’s campaign against smuggling of goods to and from Lebanon, a series of short TVCs and online spots were conceptualized by director Saad Kadiri and executed by Fine Line Production. The videos are a comedic presentation around the wordplay of smuggling, presenting daily issues such as oil being smuggled out of the car by a faulty engine.

Casting, location scouting, assembly of team and equipment, filming, post-production, editing, sound design, color grading.

This video was produced as a TVC and Online Spot for Regie Libanaise by Fine Line Production.

Produced by: Fine Line Production
Directed by: Saad Kadiri
Assistant Director: Yousif Salame
Cinematography: Hasan Salame
Production Designer: Ilat Knayzeh
Editing: Yousif Salame
Sound Design: Paul Awaraji
Production Manager: Said Halawi