LADE – Gender Based Monitoring

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More Details:

Our Client

Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE).

The Project

A documentary video about the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections’ gender-based election monitoring during the 2018 Parliamentary elections.The documentary talks about monitoring the elections from a gender perspective, the involvement of women in monitoring, women candidacy in the elections, women participation in voting, and the percentage of women in security forces. LADE aims at improving the Lebanese electoral system and reinforcing the fair and democratic practice of parliamentary and municipal elections in Lebanon.

Our Role

All pre-production, production and post-production was executed by Fine Line Production. This included research, sound design, team and equipment assembly, filming, editing, and color grading.


Directed by: Yousif Salame
Production Coordinator: Said Halawi
Camera Crew: Hasan Salame, Amir Faqih, Khoder Nabbouch, Fatma Racha Chehade, Ilat Knayzeh, Shadi Salame, Yousif Salame, Said Halawi, Nathalie Nehme
Edited by: Yousif Salame, Hasan Salame
Liaison with LADE: Haneen Shabshoul

Fine Line Production

Located at 204 Matta Bldg, Makdessi Street, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

+961 1 741 744
+961 3 061 979