Coco Pops

Kellogg’s Arabia & Diwanee Agency, UAE

About The Project

Commissioned by Diwanee Agency, this commercial for Coco Pops shows how a family’s ordinary morning can be turned into a lively jungle through eating and playing. It also highlights 3 new Coco Pops bowls that can be collected. This was executed by Fine Line Production in collaboration with Spanish-based creative production house Voxel’s through a combination of live footage and 3D animation.

Conceptualization, storyboard, production design, filming, editing.

Producer: Said Halawi
Production Manager: Nathalie Nehme
Director: Zein El Cheikh
Cinematographer: Hasan Salame
Production Designer: Artwork by Ilat K.
Assistant Director: Lynn Tawilé
Sound Designer & Music Composer: Paul Awaraji
Casting director: Yara Fayad
VFX: Voxels
Agency: Diwanee