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BeKind – TVC

Be-KIND Middle East & Diwanee Agency, UAE

About The Project

Be-KIND is a healthy snacks company that wants to create a thriving community of people who choose kindness and make kindness a state of mind. In the spirit of this movement, in 2009, KIND launched Do the KIND Thing, an evolving platform that empowers people to turn KIND acts into support for causes. The KIND Movement includes KIND acts, #kindawesome cards, and KIND Causes. To date, KIND has performed, facilitated and celebrated over 1 million KIND acts and has been recognized by Time magazine as a “New Way to Make a Difference”.

BE-Kind’s TVC revolves around the act of sharing, and how kindness brings us together as people. The concept was developed by Diwanee agency and fully executed by Fine Line Production. The commercial shows acts of kindness such as children hugging, a teenager offering his friend a BE-KIND bar, and a group of grandchildren visiting their lonely grandmother.

Creative Director / VO script: Dina Hamzeh
Agency: Webedia Arabia – Maria Bianca Merheb
Production House: Fine Line Production
Producer: Said Halawi
Director: Tarek Korkomaz
DOP: Hasan Salame
Production Manager: Nathalie Nehme
Casting Director: Yara Fayad
Asst. Director: Manon Nammour
1st Assistant Camera: Amir Faqih
Production Designer: Ilat Knayzeh
Wardrobe Stylist: Joseph Assaf
Editor: Yousif Salame
Sound Design & Music: Paul Awaraji

All pre-production, production and post-production was executed by Fine Line Production. This included casting, location scouting, production design, filming, cinematography, editing, color grading and sound design.