Kareem – An AOU Success Story

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More Details:

Our Client

Arab Open University (AOU)

The Project

The Arab Open University (AOU) wanted to promote their institution through the hypothetical success story of a student that was based on the successes of several real-life alumni. We decided to conceptualise and produce an animated video that highlighted the benefits of studying at AOU such as their low tuition fees, night-time classes that offer students the chance to work part-time during their studies, and the fact that graduates also receive a diploma from the UK-based The Open University.
We made the decision to work with animation rather than live footage as we wanted to create a character that was widely relatable, while maintaining the hypothetical aspect of the story being told.

Our Role

Conceptualization, script writing, animation production, voice-over recording and sound design.


Producer: Said Halawi
Animation by: Hasan Salame
Sound Design by: Paul Awaraji
VO Talent: Achraf Taleb

Fine Line Production

Located at 204 Matta Bldg, Makdessi Street, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

+961 1 741 744
+961 3 061 979