Ilat Knayzeh

Production Designer

Ilat graduated as a Graphic Designer from the Lebanese American University in Fall 2012.  She is a co-founder of the NGO AGONISTIK for performing arts (AFPA) & a member of MMKN NGO for supporting students of the public schools & empowering women. Ilat has a wide experience in Theatre & Filmmaking since she has been actively participating in projects of the sort on regular basis starting 2008 under several working posts (up to 30 plays & 20 films – Students & professional projects).  Ilat participated in several art festivals around Lebanon & have several murals around the city.

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Hasan Salame

Director of Photography

Hasan studied Radio/TV/Film at the Lebanese American University in Beirut and participated in many cinematography workshops and master classes at different places including Lebanese Film Academy, FAMU Film School, and Berlinale Talents. He worked on different projects in Lebanon and abroad. He has visited several places around the world. Many of the films that he worked on went to festivals and won different awards including three best cinematography awards. He shot several short films including KALASH (2015) and two feature films: MAFKOUD (2013) & MORINE (2018).

other team members: | Said | Ilat | Yousif |

Yousif A. Salame

Director, Editor, & Web Developer

Yousif graduated from Northern Kentucky Univeristy, USA, and worked for WKRC Cincinnati (Local 12), for 2 years before coming back to Lebanon in 2012. 

In Lebanon, Yousif worked at the Lebanese American University as a Workshop Instructor and Studio Technician, and at Future News Television as an Assistant producer. He then travelled to Qatar and worked for Qatar Foundation’s Stars of Science Program.

In 2017, Yousief co-founded Fine Line Production with Ilat, Hasan, and Said.

Said Halawi


Said graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from the American University of Science and Technology (AUST). He worked for several years as a Sales Associate for ISIC (International Student Identity Card).

in 2015, Said started collaborating with Yousif Salame on several projects under brand name LibanEcho.

in 2017, Said co-founded Fine Line Production, and has been dedicated since as a managing partner and producer on all projects done by FLP.

other team members: | Yousif | Ilat | Hasan |