A New Lebanese Movie Is Born | “Yerbo B3ezkon, C-Section”

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  • October 17, 2019
Avant Premiere – Grand Cinemas, ABC Dbayeh, “Yerbo B3ezkon, C-Section”

Article by: Yousif A. Salame

Upon the birth of a child, it is a Lebanese tradition for the parents of the newborn to offer guests a dessert known as “Meghli”, and so did Isaac Fahed during the avant premiere of his debut film as a writer and coproducer “Yerbo B3ezkon, C-Section”.

Being the editor of the film myself as I write this article I’ll refrain from giving any positive remarks about the film simply because I would be biased no matter how objective I try to be. So, I will just state the facts.

The film opens with a married couple; Carl played by Chadi Haddad and his pregnant wife Ray played by Pamela El Kik, arriving at Capital Boutique Hospital, a private hospital in Beirut where they’re met with elite treatment by the staff. We later learn that Carl would be the son of a former member of the Lebanese parliament. While Carl and Ray check in, Sabeh played by Ramy Atallah and Sonia played by Rola Beksmati, arrive in a beat-up pickup truck and bust in to the hospital lobby making a huge noise because Sonia’s water broke and she needs to deliver, complaining that they’re unable to make it to their village to see her doctor due to the traffic jam on the way from Beirut.

With no insurance or deposit money to pay for a hospital room, a huge argument takes place between Sabeh and the hospital staff as Masaad, Sonia’s husband, played by Ammar Shalak emerges into the lobby yelling and screaming devastated by the fact that the staff is not accepting to admit his wife to the hospital without payment. This dispute would soon be resolved with a gentlemen’s agreement between Massaad and the hospital’s manager Vahe played by Gabriel Yammine.

All what preceded takes place in the first ten minutes of the film while introducing the characters. The real conflict takes place between Massad, Carl, and Vahe, later in the film as the families of Massad and Sonia come to visit Sonia. Hence, the clash of the classes is depicted at its best.

“Yerbo B3ezkon, C-Section” screenplay was written by Doris Saba and Isaac Fahed, directed by David Oryan, co produced by Isaac Fahed and Sam Lahoud, cinematography and color grading by Hasan Salame, edited by Yousif Salame, music by Emile Aouad, and Sound design by Elia El Haddad.

The film was produced by AV Nation and distributed by Salim Ramia & Co.

“Yerbo B3ezkon, C-Section” also features special guest appearances and supporting role characters such as Takla Chamoun, Wafaa Tarabeih, Nicolas Daniel, Hind Khadra, and Ghida Majzoub. 
with special tribute to the legendary Armenian artist Charles Aznavour. 

“Filmmaking for me is a mission. It doesn't matter whether or not the audience loves the film, what matters is whether it meant to them or not, whether it left any fingerprint in the back-mind or not. Once they leave the theater and start discussing the film for hours, for me Mission's done! The film is not a cinephile film, however, it is not a popcorn film either. I say this without undermining either audiences, and I hope it will be welcomed by both.”
Isaac Fahed
Writer, Producer
"A 100% Lebanese fresh film that brings together experienced and new passionate talents making a fun-to-watch film that appeals to a wide audience."
Sam Lahoud
Producer, Acting Coach
“This movie is proof that when you have good content and good cast you don't need immense budget to impress the viewers and touch their hearts. It was fun working with these great passionate actors. The film cast deliver an amazing performance that will touch your heart and make you smile even cry sometimes, this hospital is a miniature of our beloved country in its floors staff and doctors; you will enjoy that experience.
David Oryan
"This is a screenplay that will touch your conscious. You will feel yourself within those characters asking what will you do if you were in their place and this is the core of filmmaking: to feel and reflect"
Doris Saba
Co-Writer, Assistant Director

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