Yamane El Hage turns the voice judges around

Yamane el Hage Turns All “The Voice” Judges Around!

Yamane el-Hage is a Lebanese songwriter, musician, and singer. Music has been her passion since the age of 6. She comes from a family of musicians.

We first met Yamane El Hage when we interviewed her for an ARTline episode, and now she made all “The Voice” judges turn around with “Bang Bang”. Congratulations, Yamane and best of luck moving forward.

Before choosing music as a career for herself, Yamane studied 4 years of medicine, which she then left to pursue her true passion. She has been playing the violin since the age of 6 , the piano since the age of 12 and the guitar since the age of 15, and she has been writing songs and producing them for quite a while now.

See Yamane’s “ARTline” interview below

ARTline | Yamane el Hage – Musician, Songwriter, Singer

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