ARTline | Yamane el Hage – Musician, Songwriter, Singer

Yamane el-Hage is a Lebanese songwriter, musician, and singer. Music has been her passion since the age of 6. She comes from a family of musicians.

Before choosing music as a career for herself, Yamane studied 4 years of medicine, which she then left to pursue her true passion. She has been playing the violin since the age of 6 , the piano since the age of 12 and the guitar since the age of 15, and she has been writing songs and producing them for quite a while now.

Yamane built a home studio which she considers as her motive to stop medicine and dive into the world of music production and songwriting.
She learned the software alone and is still learning. She now publishes covers every week on her instagram, and they’re turning out to be quite a success.

Yamane is also learning the drums now, and playing the violin in classical ensembles to keep her style as diverse as possible.

Being the perfectionist that she is, Yamane plans on mastering the craft of songwriting before releasing any albums.

“Music runs in the family,” Yamane say; “it’s been going on for many generations, and I’m here to make it last!”

One thing she’s sure of; she’ll never grow tired of it.

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Music runs in the family,
since we were little

my mom and aunts are singers

my uncle is a composer.

My parents insisted
that the priority

would be for school
and music alike

by the age of 18,
I had decided

that I should dive in the
world of digital music

I write my own lyrics

then I compose them
on the guitar

then I add the violin
and the piano

so it’s very acoustic

I’m going out there

I’m enjoying my time

meeting people,
making connections

and this helps me in my music

I’m waiting for the moment
where I’m going to feel like

ok now it’s time for me
to give what I have

Jazz is inspired from
classical music

it’s inspired from African,
Latin, Cuban music

and they gave birth to this
beautiful thing called jazz

One thing I’m sure of

I’m never going to

grow tired of it.

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