ArtLine S01E08 | Nooman Rifaii | Lebanese Pencil Carving Artist

The following is an interview with pencil Carving artist Nooman Rifaii, as part of Fine Line Production’s web video interview series ArtLine.

ARTICLE by Yousif A. Salame

Nooman Rifaii​ is a Lebanese sculptor since 15 years. He currently works in sculpting on pencil tips.
Pencil carving is a very rare art worldwide. Pencil Carving Art is the practice of carving wooden and graphite sculptures out of pencil writing utensils.

About ArtLine

We interviewed Nooman for our 8th episode of ArtLine Season 1 produced by Fine Line Production in support of Lebanese artists.

If you’re a Lebanese artists and would like to be interviewed as part of our Art Line series, please follow this link and fill in the application.

Starting with carpenter and art pencils containing thick leads, Lebanese artist Nooman Rifaii uses very small and accurate knives to carve miniature rendering of hands, buildings, and various names and characters. This delicate process requires a good understanding of how much pressure the #lead can withstand, but Nooman insists on pushing the boundaries of how much detail he can include in his work.

ArtLine is a series of web interviews for Lebanese up-and-coming artists. FREE for all Arts people in Lebanon, produced by Fine Line Production​.

Produced by: Said Halawi
Directed by: Yousif A. Salame
Cinematography by: Hasan Salame
Production Design by: Ilat Knayzeh

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