ArtLine S01E05 | Ghaleb Hawila | Lebanese Calligrapher

ArtLine S01E05 | Ghaleb Hawila | Lebanese Calligrapher

Ghaleb Hawila is a Lebanese calligrapher & designer. He is a graduate of AUST (American University of Science &Technology) with a BA in Graphic Design. Ghaleb participated in several festivals, exhibitions, and other art projects. Calligraphy is an artistic style of writing that joins drawing and letters, mostly Arabic. It’s the art of expressing with words and brushes.

Article by: Nariman Zahran

Attracted by this art, Ghaleb Hawila, who graduated from AUST with a BA degree in graphic design in 2014, has always tried to escape the classes that involve computers and go to a more brush and paint related subjects.

His constant curiosity made him go deep into the middle-eastern heritage and spiritual paths, and that’s how he ended up acclaiming a masters in classical calligraphy.

At only 24, Ghaleb Hawila managed to make a solid name for his Art in the field of Arabic calligraphy in Lebanon. He first discovered his passion for this beautiful traditional Craft during his graphic design studies at AUST. Then, he sharpened his skills and developed an impressive personal style through his cat-like curiosity and strong rebel desire to experiment freely.

For Ghaleb, “calligraphy is the symbol of our identity, a difficult art full of challenges but extremely beautiful nonetheless” Today, he is often commissioned for murals projects, for brands, and other clients.

Ghaleb often provides calligraphy workshops for designers, university students and even amateurs from the general public. He also makes exhibitions for a certain category of people like the one he made back in 2015 to children between 8 and 12 years to introduce them to this kind of art that is a part of their culture.

Ghaleb got to work with his favorite band, Mashrou’ Leila, who reached out to him and asked him to work on an album cover after the members were impressed by his work.

On June 22, 2017, Ghaleb made an exhibition in Beirut Souks under the title “inner harmony and outer chaos” in collaboration with his along with his online show about beirut street art. Ghaleb has also told us about some future projects and exhibitions in gulf and europe, but he is a lover of Beirut and wishes to never leave it but to become an international artist based in the city. The young calligrapher seeks growth and expansion for his work but with always staying humble.

Ghaleb is an artist, a talented and cultured person inspired by cultures, music, philosophy and religions, just give him a white space and he’ll turn it into a beautiful piece of art.

ArtLine is a series of web video interviews introducing people from the art scene in Lebanon.  These interviews are brought to you by Fine Line Production in Beirut.

Cinematography by: Hasan Salame
Directed & Edited by: Yousif A. Salame
Creative Director: Ilat Knazyeh
Production Manager: Said Halawi